Day 37 – The Possible Repercussions Of Percussion

On Day 37, with the band still on a cruise, Harmon Neenot’s girlfriend–Virginian Skanky, offers to play percussion on the record, with no regard towards the looming political disaster.

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Virginia Skanky performed by Juanita Grande
Willy Show performed by Ken Scott
Lance performed by William Wittman

Lance Nephew Motif written and performed by William Wittman (Cyndi Lauper)
Willy Show Motif written and performed by Byron


“Tripnotic” by Byron
Performed by Byron
Produced by Aardvark

Produced by Aardvark (Byron)
Narrated by Mixerman
Mastered by Bob Olhsson (Stevie Wonder)

Day 36 – Marathon Man
Day 38 –

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