Day 38 Part II – Meeting Of The Ages

As Day 38 continues, the team must deal with the epic fallout of their listening session.

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Harmon Neenot performed by Ron Saint Germain (311)
Fingaz performed by Slipperman
Jeremiah Weasel performed by JP Plunier (Jack Johnson)
Marv Ellis performed by Joe McGrath (AFI)
Shortypants performed by Dave Pensado (Mariah Carey)
Willy Show performed by Ken Scott (The Beatles)

Harmon Neenot Motif written and performed by William Wittman
Fingaz Motif written by Mixerman. Performed by Rosie Moguin
Jeremiah Weasel Motif written by Johann Sebastian Bach
Shortypants Motif written by Scott Patterson, performed by Dave Pensado (Mariah Carey)
Mixerman Motif written and performed by Aardvark (Byron)
Marv Ellis Motif written and performed by Byron

Produced by Aardvark (Byron)
Narrated by Mixerman
Mastered by Bob Olhsson (Stevie Wonder)

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