Day 30 – Blistered

On Day 30, much to Dumb Ass’ chagrin, the band auditions a nearly deaf replacement drummer in need of some exceptionally loud headphones.

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Blister performed by Jeff Lorber (Jeff Lorber)
Harmon Neenot performed by Ron Saint Germain (311)
Willy Show performed by Ken Scott (The Beatles)

Harmon Neenot Motif written and performed by William Wittman
Willy Show Motif performed by Byron

“Mixerman Radio Show Theme “written and performed by Team Womb – Aardvark, Tim Gilles, Denis Moulin, Trazan, Paul Curtiz, Fulcrum

Bitch Slap Band
Drums performed by John Stuart
Guitars performed by Steve Ornest
Bass performed by Aardvark
Bass performed by Steve Ornest
Bitch Slap tracks produced by Aardvark. Recorded by Joe McGrath. Percussion performed by Aardvark

Produced by Aardvark (Byron)
Narrated by Mixerman
Mastered by Bob Olhsson (Stevie Wonder)

Day 29 – Technical Difficulties
Day 31 –

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