The Daily Adventures of Mixerman AUDIOBOOK – The Trailer

The Daily Adventures of Mixerman Audiobook - Trailer


The inner workings of recording sessions have long been the closely guarded secrets held only by those involved. And while some have tried to piece together the stories of sessions past, rarely do these accounts rise above the level of hearsay and folklore, distorted by the passage of time.

Enter Mixerman, a Los Angeles recording engineer who, on nothing more than a hunch, begins to chronicle the daily events of a Major Label recording session with a bidding-war band, and infamous producer, and a limitless budget. And he does it in real time – each night posting his entires on the Internet, withholding only the true identities of those he writes about.


“So what are we doing then?” I asked naively.
“We’re going to smoke fatties and make a record,” Willy said.

It’s apparent early on that the anonymous Mixerman is for real – distilling complicated recording procedures into simple an understandable terms. But as narrator, tour guide, and humorous off-color commentator, he also delivers a gripping and often hysterical no-holds-barred tale of a recording session gone awry.

And while the band, their manager, the label executives, the producer, and the studio staff are initially unaware that their potentially embarrassing antics are being watched by an ever-growing audience of Internet voyeurs, it is surely only a matter of time before Mixerman’s diary is discovered.

Buddha help him if that happens.

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Enjoy, Mixerman

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