The RAVEN Multi-touch Production Console

One of the things I miss about mixing on Large Frame Analog Consoles (LFAC) is the ability to multi-task. Whereas, I can generally only perform one task at a time with a mouse or a keyboard, on an LFAC I’m able to easily grab multiple components. I can raise the guitars as I adjust EQ on the vocal. I can then immediately grab the bass and bring it up for a little run. There was a whole lot less thinking, and much grabbing. There was a beautiful physicality to it all.

I’ve been mixing in a computer, almost exclusively, for about 8 years now. Mostly, because with analog summing boxes in the chain I find that my advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Enter Steven Slate, with his Raven MTX Multi-touch production console, and now I get all the positives of mixing in a computer along with the advantage of being able to do more than one thing at once, using technology that we’re already familiar with. Touch screen. really BIG touch screen. This not only makes mixing more efficient, the ability to work without being to forced to think linearly (the guitar needs EQ. add EQ. The guitar is too loud. Bring down guitar, ugh!), makes mixing more fun. And in my experience, when you’re having fun mixing, you’re usually killing it.

Introducing the Slate Raven MT-X loaded with the Logic 2.0 Software. Steven Slate does it again.

Enjoy the clip!


Eric "Mixerman" Sarafin Reviews the RAVEN Logic 2.0 Software Release

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