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How to achieve massive drum sounds - the specifics on editing, balance, EQ, compression, and more!! Join Mix Wednesday tonight, 530p PDT, 830p EDT at Mix Wednesday ... See MoreSee Less

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hey folks. any alice in chains fans here? if so, can you tell me why i greatly prefer the sound and mix of the self titled album to either facelift or dirt? i have some ideas im pretty sure about (the insufferable drum reverb being the most obvious) but im interested in the insight of others with more experience. obviously my taste is subjective, but can someone tell me some of the key differences? ... See MoreSee Less

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Are you Looking for a place to find radio stations that are playing "Indie Blues" .. You know music that is being created by artists that are touring and making new blues for today .. or are you a Touring Blues artist and you want get the attention of a radio station that is open to new Blues? .. Or are you a radio station that plays NEW music from living touring INDIE Blues artists and you want to promote your show? .. Well there is now a place for you!! .. Join "INDIE BLUES RADIO" www.facebook.com/groups/838856009523357/ ... See MoreSee Less

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ON TUESDAY!! .. ON LIVE from the Midnight Circus on Peachtree Radio FM THE #1 and Original INDIE Blues Radio show on the internet!! .. The ONLY Show dedicated 100% to the Independent Touring Blues Artists .. we ONLY Play NEW BLUES .. INDIE BLUES .. Blues by artists that are creating music that reflects what is happening today!! .. This week we have a great interview for you .. The PRINCE OF THE BLUES Chris Beard of the Chris Beard Band .. You are not going to want to miss this show!! .. LIVE from the Midnight Circus Talks with Chris Beard! ... See MoreSee Less

LIVE from the Midnight Circus Talks with Chris Beard!

May 26, 2015, 2:00pm - May 26, 2015, 4:00pm


When you grow up in a house filled with the blues, when your father grew up on Beale Street, when music was in your DNA, then blues is who you are and what you do. Chris Beard is a modern blues guitarist and singer like few others. His personal connections to the blues were forged with the living blues men he’s sat with since childhood. Born in 1957, Beard is the son of Joe Beard, a fine blues guitarist who grew up on Beale Street in the 1950’s before moving to Rochester, NY. When family friends like Matt “Guitar” Murphy and Buddy Guy stopped by, young Chris became their willing pupil. After years playing the clubs in and around Rochester, Chris was offered the opportunity to record. In 1998, he released his debut recording, Barwalkin’, on JSP Records. That record earned Beard a W.C. Handy nomination as Best New Blues Artist. Chris produced his follow-up disc, Born To Play The Blues in 2001 to the critical acclaim of the blues press and earned Beard the title, Prince of the Blues. Then, in 2005, Beard released Live Wire, a stirring combination of live and studio performances for Northern Blues “Blues is my roots,” says Chris. “I grew up as Joe Beard’s son in the house of ChrisBeardthe blues. I grew up around Buddy Guy and Matt Murphy. The influence of Buddy has been major. All he has to say to me is ‘Keep on doing what you’re doing.’ Matt always told me that the guitar has to become an extension of you. That will always stick with me.” But on this new record, Beard, a world class guitarist, devoted time and energy into establishing his unique and compelling voice. With the combination of Beard’s assertive voice and his exciting guitar, this record is a seamless combination of traditional blues with a contemporary edge.

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