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I’m a gold and platinum award winning mixer and producer, and I write books about recording, mixing, and producing to help Creatives like you succeed. Not because I can give you some magical list of secrets. Not because I can sell you on plugins that you probably don’t need. Rather, because I can offer you the critical tools to help you dramatically improve your records.

The best part? I deliver this information to you in an entertaining manner.

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Mixing is a game of confidence. But how can you mix with confidence, when you’re unsure of your mixing skills? The answer is, you can’t. Which is why I address how you think about mixing in Zen & the Art of Mixing (last updated in 2021). So you can learn to work quickly towards a mix that does everything it should for the song. This will result in more confidence, which manifests as success and enjoyment.

There’s a reason why this is my most popular work.

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The stated goal of Musician’s Survival Guide to a Killer Record, is to convert recording decisions into musical ones and technical decisions into practical ones. Not only do I explain the musical strategies to make a Killer Record, I break the technical information to its core, so you can succeed regardless of your recording reality. So long as you have what you need to make a record, I can help you make it a Killer Record.

People love this book.

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