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The Daily Adventures of Mixerman Podcast


Mixerman Publishes releases The Daily Adventures of Mixerman Podcast!
The explosively hilarious, unauthorized studio diary that rocked the music world.

WORLDWIDE, August 10, 2022 – In the summer of 2002, a Los Angeles recording engineer known only as Mixerman, began to chronicle the daily events of a Major Label recording session with a bidding-war band, an infamous producer, and a limitless budget. He did it in real-time—each night posting his entries on the Internet. Mixerman was supposed to be writing about recording techniques, but somehow, through that prism, he hit upon a gripping story.

Mixerman’s postings immediately struck a nerve in the music world. Recording boards lit up with discussions over the who, the what, and the where of it all. By its fourth week, it had become a sensation, and was garnering over 150,000 visits a day by its conclusion. If you were in the music industry at the time in any capacity, there was no escaping it. And despite significant advances in technology, the adventures themselves have proven timeless.

The story was published as a hardcover book in 2009, and an audiobook in 2012. Now today, to celebrate it’s 20-year anniversary, Mixerman presents an updated audio dramatization of The Daily Adventures of Mixerman, complete with sound effects, foley, music, and featuring performances by some of the most famous record makers on earth, including: Ken Scott (The Beatles, Supertramp), Dave Pensado (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera), Ron Saint Germain (U2, 311), Joe McGrath (Blink 182, AFI), William Wittman (The Fyxx, Cyndi Lauper), Tim Gilles (Taking Back Tuesday), Dylan Dresdow (Will I Am, Blackeyed Peas), Jeff Lorber (Jeff Lorber), JP Plunier (Ben Harper, Jack Johnson), Ed Cherny (Bette Midler, Spinal Tap), Julian Bunetta (One Direction), Kenny Gioia (Marcy’s Playground, Hall & Oates).

Listeners can follow the story on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Mixerman, known professionally as Eric Sarafin, has won multiple gold and platinum awards for his work as a recordist, mixer, and producer. He has made records with the Pharcyde, Ben Harper, Barenaked Ladies, Lifehouse, Tone Loc, among many other Internationally known acts. He is also the author of numerous books written on the recording arts.

Send inquiries to mixerman@mixerman.net, or through the Contact portal.

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