Eric Sarafin is a gold and platinum award winning record producer and mixer. He has worked with many nationally known acts, including The Pharcyde, Tone Loc, Ben Harper, Lifehouse, Nine Days, Barenaked Ladies, Amy Grant, and Foreigner, just to name a few.

Eric is also a published author and has written several books under the pen name of Mixerman about recording, producing, and mixing. After 25 years based out of Los Angeles, Eric is now living in Asheville NC, where he produces and mixes records out of several world class recording facilities located there.

Asheville is a hotbed for music, and Eric has relationships with the best musicians, arrangers (when needed), recording facilities, and engineers in the area. Vintage instruments and amplifiers and recording equipment are readily available in conjunction with current digital technology. Accommodations can be provided. Amazing food is in abundance. Come to Asheville and record.

To inquire, send Eric a note directly through the contact portal.

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