MIXERMAN Musician’s Survival Guide to a Killer Record AUDIOBOOK

Great news! You can now listen to my super popular MIXERMAN Musician’s Survival Guide to a Killer Record on audible! And the best part? You can listen to it for free when you start an Audible account.

For those who aren’t familiar:

The stated goal of this book is to convert recording decisions into musical ones, and technical decisions into practical ones. Not only do I explain the musical strategies for making a Killer Record, I also break the technical information down to its core so that you can get it out of your way. The best part? So long as you have what you need to make a record, I can help you make it a Killer Record, and you don’t have to purchase anything beyond this audiobook. You have what you have and what you have is going to change. It doesn’t matter whether you make hip-hop or country, electronica or metal, indie rock or power pop, there are certain truths that are universal to all music. You are operating within a set of limitations both musically and technically, and that’s where your creativity will shine.

This field manual is chock full of recording strategies designed to keep recording a fun and focused process. You will return to this manual time and time again to help you overcome any impediment – technical or musical – that might prevent you from achieving the results you seek, regardless of your recording environment, regardless of what equipment you’re using, and regardless of your current skillset. You can make a Killer Record under nearly any circumstance. It just requires the right mindset.

Larry Crane, the Editor of TapeOp wrote: “I’m so pleased that there’s finally a guide for musicians that tells them, ‘You can do it with the gear that you already currently have available to you'” … “I think I’ll be buying cases of this book and handing it out as people enter my studio.”

Check out all the reviews on the paperback version on Amazon. People love this book.



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