Musician’s Survival Guide to a Killer Record

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Well, it’s time for a new book.

I’m sorry. Let me repeat that.

It’s time for a new book!!!!!

It’s called:

Musician’s Survival Guide to a Killer Record

This book is specifically for musicians who often record themselves, and who aren’t generally 100% happy with their results. The song is great. The record falls short. Sound familiar?

This time, however, I won’t be working with a publisher. Why? Irony.

You see, Amazon, after many years of using their power as the biggest bookstore in the world like a machette in order to cut publisher margins to razor thin levels, has quietly built itself into the biggest publisher in the world, mostly by offering independent authors an opportunity to sell books directly to the customer through Amazon.

Not only can they print my book for me at a reasonable price, they can fulfill it for me, they can sell it digitally for me, they can distribute it for me to other sellers, and they can even sell my audiobook for me. And believe it or not, Amazon is actually way more fucking responsive to my needs than my publisher is. Like it’s not even close, and I sell books! And since most publishers do fuck all in the way of marketing these days, the only enticement a publisher can offer me at this point is an Advance.

Yeah, it’s a little scary that one company is becoming so powerful in so many ways, but the bottom line is, they offer me opportunity to profit and operate a business as an independent author. When it comes to working with a publisher, I’m lucky get what amounts to lunch money from my publisher.

And since I have direct access to a good chunk of my fanbase, I’ve made the (somewhat harrowing) decision to presell the book through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Why is it harrowing? Fear of failure, of course.

I don’t like to ever admit to fear of failure. But if any audience is going to understand that particular sentiment it’s mine. If we examine my sales record (and I have), I shouldn’t have any worries at all. But there’s a big difference between selling a book that’s already written, in which there are reviews and mentions, and selling the concept of a book that I’m about to write.

The root of the fear is simple. If I don’t presell enough books, if I fail in this mission to get you and everyone who reads this (and my campaign) to spread the word to all of their musician friends, to tell them that I’m a good read, or that I know what I’m talking about, or anything that might cause others to take a look and perhaps even Share themselves, then how can I justify writing more books? Isn’t fundraising pretty much proof of concept? And if I don’t prove the concept, then what? I might even risk working with a publisher in the future.

There’s a reason why companies invest in Like and Share farms. Because without that aspect of the campaign, you’ve got nothing. And sure, I could pay Facebook to put up ads, which will hit eyeballs, but these days, I find that more of an investment in brand recognition than as a direct sales tool. Believe it or not, one Share by you is far more powerful than even a thousand impressions on Facebooks ad platform.

Whereas my Zen Series of books is meant for those who wish to become better recordists, producers, and mixers, this new book is designed for musician’s who want to make records they can be proud of.

Get ye to my MUSICIAN’S SURVIVAL GUIDE to a KILLER RECORD Indiegogo Campaign.

Enjoy, #mixerman

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