Now That’s Producing!

One time I was producing a vocal, and the singer wasn’t really very good. Scratch that. The singer was generally amazing, but at that particular moment he or she was, shall we say, less than inspiring.

We all go through human moments, but when it’s time to record a vocal, that’s the time to get up there and sing it. You know? And I suppose I should have said something useful to him. Or maybe it was her. Of course, I did say something. I said “Sing it again,” which I’ll admit is exceptionally anti-producer-like of me. But it was all I could come up with at the time.

I don’t actually recall this, but I would imagine I felt bad about having offered nothing to the singer other than to crack the whip for another take. And by the time I’m recording vocals, my artists understand that I don’t mince words. When it’s great, they know it. When it’s not they know it too. So, it’s kind of out of character for me to offer nothing, and it’s the kind of thing that I could easily feel guilty about. But then she or he finished the second take.

“Sing it again.”

After the third take I dropped the “Sing it” and it just became “again.”

I’m not exactly sure how many times this went on, I’d like to think 5, but it may have been as many as 7 takes, but at some point, my artist and/or singer protested.

“Could you give me some kind of a note?” he or perhaps she asked.

“I’m just waiting for you to get my attention,” I said.

Didn’t need but one take after that. #Mixerman

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